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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lazy mummy....MIA for 2011 =P (part1)

Well as the title suggests (heee...) Mummy here is feeling guilty (actually our trips, activities, parties had already been uploaded to our FB.. excuses? hee) & decided to do this.. a re-cap of our 2011! This is part 1 i.e. first 6mths in 2011..hope I won't take another year to cough out our Jun-Dec 2011 ^^

Yes, it was darling's 2nd time to HKG. First time was with GongGong and PoPo when darling was still mini sized so we skipped the kiddos's places back then. For our 2011 trip, we included Disney!

Check out more of our Disney fotos here

We also visited Noah's Ark, Snoopy ... and darling had her first taste of coffee

More of our HKG 2011 fotos here

Darling's 4th CNY ^^
This year we DIY-ed CNY greeting cards to some of our elders (here)

Our first baking session using mummy's micro-wave oven's conventional baking function. Mummy contemplated getting a traditional oven but given the small house we have, plus the frequency of our baking adventures, decided to stick with the micro-wave oven... (here)

Our next adventure with our oven... (here)

Orange Juiced!


Choc cake using pre-packed ready cake mix
Its edible, but not sure if it is tasty anot =P

DIY Kite for kite flying & picnic
We made a date to DIY our kite and go picnic with darling's BFF, Nicole ^^ but weather was bad up till an hour before our outing, hence Nicole din join us. We went ahead with GongGong PoPo and xiaoyi thou.. heee .. our kite never really made it into the skies =P (here)

Earth Hour 2011
We attended the 1 hour walk organised by WWF in March.
Looking back at the fotos, I'm wondering why did darling put on her cap for a walk in the evening...hmmmm ..

Some activities and makan before Mr Golden Sun fully sets and we cant see our fingers!

The laser lighting show at MBS which went on as usual coz its scheduled before the kick-off time of the Earth Hour.. Irony ahhh

Darling embarked on her Earth Hour walk, seated on daddy's shoulders!

Heee..Mummy confirm did the 3.5KM walk but can't say the same about darling ^^

Dayi was very very much involved in this and we showed our support in various ways. On the results announcement day.. this is what we did:
DIY a choc cake with hammer jelly for ah yeeeeee.. not presentable but edible =P

Turning up and staying till 4 am .. the crowds on the street after the party was HAVOC! Like soccer match, Liverpool WON against MU .. (haaa)

WP Appreication lunch
The nicer and more presentable.. hammer cake!

Fans queueing for their idol's signature..Kpop idol? nope, its Mr Low ^^

Long Kang Fishing

Draw a STORY
Mummy decided to do this with darling which engages darling from drawing to proper sentence structuring to logic/creative thinking. Well mummy started with Shirui the little red ridig hood - Lisa's version.

Here's darling's story of Shirui and the Beast

Story ended with some drama acting by little drama queen and a napping daddy:

Check this out for the full story .. hee

Storyteling by Teacher Shirui
Teacher Shirui with her class of .. animals

Keep Quiet and pay attention!

GongGong's BD
Here's the BD card DIY-ed by darling .. for gong gong and this is her first attempt at writing Gong Gong too ^^

Magdalene's 4th BD
ThanKYU for the invite ^^ mummy met up with alot of darling's classmates' parents and the kiddos had fun. Daddy insisted that the party co-ordinator from MacD looks like our dear PoPo... (here)
The invite
In the midst of playing games
Yummlicious Birthday Cake!

Darling joined her ballet class back in April 2011.. First lesson is 'open curtain' sessions thereafter we can't see what goes on inside...unless we peep thru the loopholes inbetween the curtains =P

This was darling wearing her ballet attire the first time

This was taken recently in Sept 2011,
.. spot the difference?

So how did darling fare in 2011? Check out her Report card (June 2011)... heee...


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Xmas 2010

All our 2010 Xmas fotos ^^

Its Xmas ^^

Its the time of the year again. Darling's 3rd Xmas... She got plenty of Xmas gifts (on top of her BD gifts!) Anyway Dec is an ultra busy month for mummy coz after BD parties its xmas parties! Let mummy share our activities this month \(^v^)/

Seasons Greetings from our Shy Santarina ^^

First Xmas party for 2010 is @ mummy's office (aka KPMG on 13 Dec)

Santa Claus is in KPMG!

Happy darling with Xmas goodies

And thanks to Aunty Julie and Aunty Candy, darling's goodie bags grew heavier !!!

Out on the streets for foto taking session with the Xmas decor for 2010
(haa... this is not part of the Xmas theme but well, its cute..so its here) Cute little lamb in the food court of Ion

Darling's monkeying around, Ion Xmas tree as the backdrop

Dancing to the background xmas carols

Smile ^^

Mummy bought Xmas themed Gel stickers to decor @ Noble House on 26 Dec (Ah yi's wedding)

BUT BUT BUT ... darling has destroyed them =( no stickers left for NobleHouse... sorry ah Yi

Xmas gift from Ah Yi (ah yi, next time give coin bank with $$$ in it)

DIY-Ice Cream cone Xmas Tree - one of our DIY activities for Xmas party on 18Dec... this is the trial we tried @ home ^^

Posing with her Xmas Tree

The big Xmas party on 18 Dec in Aunty Phy house
First activity - let's decor your own Snowman Santa Socks

Finished product

2nd activity - Decor your own gingerbreadman, xmas cookies and ice-cream cones!

Darling's Gingerbreadman (baked by Nicole & family, decor by darling)

Posing with her Tree cone

Yummy Xmas Tree

Ryan's yellow Xmas Tree Cone

The Xmas concert by the Dec'07 Band

check out the performance here ^^ it was fun and everyone let our hair down!!!

Darling received plenty of pressies this xmas!!!
Let's do a roll count
(1) Xmas goodies from Aunty Sharyn (BIG BIG THANKOOO)

(2) Gift xchange.. sticker maker (haa.. but its the refill pack...)

(3) Xmas pressie from Nicole..wat's it..hmmmm

Its a reward chart(book) hheee.. and comes with picture of Nicole.. thank000

(4) Goodies from Jerrell

(5) Aunty Linda gave a book ... no pictures to share at the moment..

There's going to be a Xmas party on 23rd Dec in SchHse. Mummy prepared this for the gift exchange

Xmas Cookies for SchHse students

Xmas Gingerbreadman cookie decor by Darling. Thanks to aunty Dila who helped to bake all these wonderful cookies ^^

Brollies as Xmas gifts to darling's teachers in SchHse